I run a small high tech studio which allows me to expand my teaching techniques and is a brilliant way of getting ideas across.

I use a variety of software programs and plugins - my main software of choice is a program called Reaper which is a audio recording program

I also use Audition and Audacity for audio editing, Guitar Pro for creating TABS(Guitar Music) and Photoshop to create lesson material.

If you are interested in Audio production alongside guitar or instead of I have powerful enough equipment to do so. I also have a working knowledeg of other auido packages such as Ableton Live, Garageband, Logic and Fruity Loops

Making music is not overly expensive if you already have a tower pc, laptop or mac you can get started straight away - if you want to record guitar it can cost as little as £30

If you have a any questions or want to book a lesson or get some advice please feel free to call m on 07780 681 585

TXT:07780 681 585

EMAIL: [email protected]